Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Batu gambar, Agate as jewelry


Gems, agate stone, pictorial stones or rock minerals that can be made jewelry or accessories, is a natural treasure. Cut and polish gemstones and jewelry making is a craft that has been established long before the Romans found a name to call it: LAPIDARIUS which means "stone". As early as 4000 years BC, the Mesopotamians carved cylindrical stone used as a stamp. At first they used hand tools to cultivate a fairly soft material such as marble. But about 3000 years before Christ, they use the wheel to shape and polish betu hard enough, such as quartz and other precious stones half. The way they are parallel to those used today, cutting and stone pengupaman it is actually done by means of a rotating abrasive on the tool.Craftsmen in ancient Greece, Persia and Egypt, as well as those of Mesopotamia, is also charmed rock gems of beauty, the brilliance, clarity, style and color. They did begin to connect the gemstones with particular strength that protects pemakainnya. Thus interpreted as pelindung.terhadap anger diamond, sapphire as an antidote to poverty and snake bites, ruby ​​as a deterrent unhappiness and nightmares, and turquoise as the prevention of accidents. Praktrek kelahirann use this stone in many countries are superstitious and backward. But in some countries in Asia and the trust is still a belief that is still believed until now.Only in the late middle ages people everywhere to do the grinding stone, which is a surface in order to cut plane to catch and refract light. All surfaces that lead to a brilliant sparkle on the surface of the diamond ring. Cut diamond is a fine art, it is necessary to wake penetahuan of crystalline rocks is concerned, elaborate and expensive equipment as well as patience.Of about 2000 known minerals, only a few dozen who meet the requirements as a jewelry stone. Among the most valuable, such as diamond, emerald, ruby ​​and sapphire. There remains a lot of colorful minerals and prominent coraknya, namely agate, jasper, karnelia, malakit, turquoise, jade, quartz (including amethyst and sutrin). All that can be used as a beautiful stone-beautiful jewelry

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  1. nice article, agate is one of my favorite gemstone jewelery